Staking GAME on Creators

The Game Credits Rewards Portal enables you to “stake” GAME on creators and be rewarded by being able to claim a portion of a weekly allocation of GAME (“GAME Rewards”). When you “stake” GAME on a creator, you transfer a certain amount of GAME to be held on the GAME Credits smart contract until you choose to withdraw it. GAME Rewards are allocated based upon your proportion of the total GAME staked for that week. 50% of the total GAME Rewards for each week are allocated to users staking on creators. The other 50% of the weekly allotment of GAME Rewards are allocated to the creators in proportion to the amount of GAME staked on them.

The Game Credits Rewards portal also enables creators who opt in to offer NFT rewards for users who stake GAME on their profile. By staking GAME on a creator, users automatically earn Loyalty Points in a 1:1 ratio to the amount of GAME they staked on a creator each week. After a creator opts in, the creator can offer NFTs for a price in Loyalty Points, to be determined by the creator and you can redeem your accumulated Loyalty Points for that NFT. Loyalty Points cannot be transferred to other users and are not redeemable for cash or any other currency including GAME, nor can they be used in the GAME Credits Marketplace. Loyalty Points earned for one creator cannot be used to make a purchase on another creator.

Please note: All staking on the GAME Credits Rewards Portal involves interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain and will thus have corresponding Ethereum gas fees that are determined by the Ethereum network.


  • Support your favorite creators by staking on them. Rewards are paid out weekly and proportionally to creators and their supporters based on the amount of GAME staked across the Rewards Portal.

  • Earn GAME and Loyalty Points for your staking support.

  • Use your Loyalty Points to redeem NFTs from the creators you staked on who opt in to the Loyalty Points program.


  • MetaMask wallet

  • A balance of GAME Credits in your MetaMask wallet

Step 1: Browse To The Rewards Portal And Select A Creator

  • Browse to Make sure you are logged into your MetaMask wallet. If you’re not sure how to create a metamask wallet, check out our how-to guide here:

  • You will see the games, artists, and other creators you can stake GAME on. For the purpose of this example, we’ll be adding support to Gaming with GAME.

  • Once you’re on the Gaming with GAME creator page, scroll down and you’ll see the Total Support, My Support, and My Available GAME. If you haven’t staked before, the ‘My Support’ should be blank. Your available balance is the amount of GAME in your MetaMask wallet. Click ‘Add Support’

Step 2: Stake GAME On The Creator

  • At this screen, you can set how much of your total GAME you want to stake. Once you’ve filled that out, click “Set Support”. These transactions take place on the Ethereum mainnet, so you’ll need Ethereum present in your MetaMask wallet to cover the gas fees of the transaction.

  • MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transfer. Click ‘Confirm’.

  • Click back into your MetaMask extension, then look at the Activity tab. You will see the transaction is pending.

  • Once the transaction has completed, you will see the ‘My Support’ amount has changed. You have successfully staked your GAME Credits!

Step 3: Manage Your Support

  • At any point you can increase or decrease your support by clicking ‘Manage Support’. Once here you can change the value of your staked tokens.

  • To remove all of your staking support, set the value to 0. This will remove your staked tokens for that particular creator and place them back in your MetaMask balance.

  • Back on the rewards page, you can see what you have staked in two places, along with your expected rewards for the week.

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