Acquiring GAME
Acquiring GAME Credits can be done in many ways. GAME Credits is currently available on both CEXs (centralized exchanges) and DEXs (decentralized exchanges).
Centralized exchanges will require you to create an account. They may also require you to provide some of your personal information in regards to KYC/AML laws. When creating your account we recommend you set a very strong password and always use 2fa/mfa when it is provided to you as an option.
DEXs (Layer 1)
DEXs require only that you connect to MetaMask or another wallet under your control and allow permission for the DEX to make the desired transactions in your wallet
DEXs (Layer 2 - Polygon/Matic)
Layer 2 DEXs operate on a sidechain of Ethereum. Quickswap functions on the Polygon (formerly known as Matic) network. They operate the same way Layer 1 DEXs but provide even faster transaction times and lower transaction fees.
Please note: Exchanges are third party entities and are not under the administration of the GAME Credits team.
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