Buying and Selling NFTs on the Marketplace

The GAME Credits Marketplace can be used to purchase any secondary market NFTs after they’ve been sold by a creator via the creator page. The marketplace is accessible via the GAME Credits Portal at

Some important things to note:

  • NFTs on the GAME Credits Marketplace live on the Matic/Polygon sidechain.

  • NFTs can be purchased using GAME only.

  • You must have GAME on the Matic/Polygon sidechain in order to purchase NFTs on the GAME Credits Portal.

  • The marketplace transactions are fee free - no gas required to purchase or sell.

  • NFTs purchased on the GAME Credits Platform are also visible/sellable on Open Sea.

Step 1:

  • Upon arrival to the Marketplace page, you will see all of the NFTs available on the secondary market as well as a header below for any collectibles of your own that you may have listed for sale. Click on a specific collectible’s “View Details” button for an expanded view, including the token ID on the Matic/Polygon network.

  • To purchase a specific NFT collectible, click the “Buy” button. You will need GAME in your sidechain account to complete the transaction. Click the “Home” button in the left hand panel. You will see your Ethereum mainnet balance of GAME and the “Exchange Balance” (sidechain balance). To deposit to the sidechain, click “Deposit” under the mainnet balance header.

Step 2:

  • When you’re ready to sell something from your own collection click the “Collection” button in the left hand panel. You will see all collectibles currently associated with your wallet. Find the one you want to sell, click the “Sell” button, and set the price in GAME.

  • When you’ve settled on a price click “Submit Sale” and approve the transaction. You will receive a notification of successful listing on the marketplace when the transaction completes.

  • Your NFT will now be visible on the marketplace.

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