Adding GAME to MetaMask

Adding GAME to MetaMask On Ethereum Mainnet (Layer 1)

Step 1: Click Add Token

Go to your MetaMask extension in your browser and click “Add Token.”

Step 2: Search For The GAME Token

Search for “GAME Credits” in the search bar and select it, click Next, then click Add Tokens.

  • GAME will now be listed as a visible token in MetaMask

Adding GAME to MetaMask On The Matic Blockchain (Layer 2)


  1. Metamask wallet

  2. Matic mainnet RPC configured in MetaMask (see setup article here)

Step 1: Select Matic Network And Click Add Token

  • Go to your MetaMask extension, select the Matic network in the network dropdown at the top of MetaMask, and click ‘Add Token’

Step 2: Add A Custom Token

  • Click “Custom Token” then paste the GAME-MATIC contract address “0x8d1566569d5b695d44a9a234540f68D393cDC40D” into the “Token Contract Address” field. The remaining fields will auto populate.

  • Click “Next” then “Add Tokens”

  • GAME will now be visible in MetaMask on the Matic Network.

    • It is important to note that the tokens that are visible for you are dependent on the network you have selected in the network dropdown. The GAME contract for the sidechain will not have the GAME logo. The GAME contract for ethereum mainnet will have the GAME logo.

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