Introduction to GAME Credits

Welcome to the GAME Credits Platform. Founded in 2014, GAME Credits is the first gaming cryptocurrency. On the GAME Credits Platform, users can create, buy and sell non-fungible tokens without paying gas, as well as stake GAME Credits on their favorite creators or projects in order to earn GAME and Loyalty Points that can be redeemed for NFTs from participating creators. This document guide will walk you through each of the steps of getting set up on and using our platform.

Creating Gasless NFTs On The GAME Credits Foundry

Creating NFTs on the GAME Credits Foundry is easy. And best of all, because the NFTs are created on the Polygon/Matic sidechain, there is no gas fee to create, sell, or purchase NFTs on the GAME Credits Platform. The GAME Credits Foundry allows creators to create and sell NFTs in a variety of file formats including JPEGs, PNGs, MP4s and GIFs. For a detailed guide on how to create NFTs on the GAME Credits Foundry, click here.

Buying And Selling NFTs On The GAME Credits Marketplace

As a user, you have the ability to browse and purchase a wide variety of NFTs on the GAME Credits Platform. You can purchase NFTs directly from creators by visiting their creator pages. You can also buy NFTs and sell NFTs you have previously purchased on the GAME Credits Marketplace. All transactions on the GAME Credits Platform occur in GAME Credits’ native crypto currency GAME. For more information, see our detailed guides on buying NFTs from creators and buying and selling NFTs on the GAME Credits Marketplace.

Staking GAME On The GAME Credits Rewards Portal

Staking GAME on the GAME Credits Rewards Portal is a great way for users to earn extra GAME by staking their GAME on their favorite creators. Users can also earn Loyalty Points from creators that have enabled them and trade in those Loyalty Points for NFT from those creators. Creators, in turn, will earn GAME each week proportionate to the amount of GAME that has been staked on them. A total of 100,000 GAME is rewarded each week to creators and users on the GAME Credits Rewards Portal. For more information on staking on the GAME Credits Rewards portal, check out these detailed guides for creators and users.

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