Earning Staking Rewards As A Creator

Supporters have the ability to stake GAME on their favorite creators. Each week, 100,000 GAME is paid out across the GAME Credits Platform to both creators and their supporters. Payments are made proportionally based on how much support a creator receives vs. total support on the portal. The GAME Reward is then split 50/50 between specific creators and their supporters.

Claiming your sales and staking rewards from supporters is easy with the GAME Credits Platform. This process will require that you have Ethereum in your administrative MetaMask account to cover the gas fees associated with processing the claim transaction.


  • Connect to app.gamecredits.org using the administrative MetaMask account for your creator page.

  • On the left hand panel select “Creator Portal” then “Earned Rewards.”

  • Here you will see a breakdown including the week #, your weekly support vs total portal support, your earned GAME rewards from staking, and your sales balance.

  • Click the banner image to collect staking rewards.

  • Approve the transaction in the MetaMask prompt. Wait for the transaction to confirm. Done! Your collected GAME will now be visible in your MetaMask on the Ethereum mainnet.

  • Please note: The “Withdraw” button allows creators to collect sales proceeds from NFT sales on the MATIC sidechain.

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