Installing MetaMask

The MetaMask Wallet is a browser-based Ethereum wallet that will allow you to store ERC-20 cryptocurrency tokens, non-fungible tokens, and to interact with the GAME Credits Portal. While GAME Credits has no affiliation with MetaMask, to assist you in the installation of MetaMask so that you can use our Portal, we have included the below guide. For the most up to date information on MetaMask including how to install it, you can go to


  1. Supported web browser

    1. Google Chrome

    2. Mozilla Firefox

    3. Brave

    4. Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Begin The Installation On The MetaMask Website

  • Start by going to the MetaMask website. For this instruction we will be installing Metamask on Chrome.

  • Make sure the ‘Chrome’ tab is selected, then press ‘Install Metamask for Chrome’.

    • MetaMask isn’t a traditional program that you’d install on your desktop, it lives as an extension in the Chrome web browser. Here you are adding the MetaMask extension to your Chrome browser. Click ‘Add to Chrome’

Step 2: Set Up MetaMask

Once installed, begin the setup process by clicking ”Get Started”

  • You will be presented with two choices. You can either import an existing wallet using a 12 word seed phrase, or you can create another. In this case, we’re creating a new wallet. Press “Create Wallet.”

  • Choose your MetaMask usage data settings


  • Create a strong password of sufficient length, then read and agree to the terms of use. Click ‘Create’.

  • At this screen, make sure to backup your secret phrase! This is the only way to recover and import your wallet. NEVER share your secret phrase with anyone.

  • If you followed step 8 you should have your phrase saved somewhere. Put it in the correct order here and click continue.

  • Congrats, you’re all done!

  • You should be taken directly to your new wallet. You can also get to MetaMask anytime by clicking on the extension icon near your address bar.

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