Creating a Creator Profile

The GAME Rewards Portal offers a multitude of benefits at little or no cost to creators and takes only moments to configure. This allows creators to implement a variety of useful utilities to help increase fan engagement and reward their followers.


  • Increase user engagement, allowing your fans to support you by “staking” their GAME on your Rewards profile.

  • Both users and creators are rewarded every week for staking their game proportional to the amount of GAME staked on your entity, then split 50/50 between the creator and their supporters.

  • Access to the GAME Foundry to mint your own NFTs on the GAME-Polygon (Matic) sidechain GAS FREE - No gas fees for minting, listing or selling your NFTs.

  • Reward your users with Loyalty Points allowing them to claim custom in-game items, collectible NFTs, or other art based NFTs.


  • Have a web 3.0 Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask (recommended) installed.

  • Have Ethereum in the wallet to pay for the gas fee required when signing up.

    • A gas fee is required to create a mainnet creator account to take advantage of GAME staking which utilizes a mainnet smart contract. If you are not interested in staking or Loyalty Points, you can create a sidechain only creator account to create and sell NFTs without incurring a gas fee. For more information, click here.

Types of Creator Profiles

During signup you will be asked which type of creator profile you would like to create. The following images offer a description of each type of profile. Both types of creator profiles allow creators to design, mint and sell NFTs without paying gas. The primary distinction between the two types of profiles is that “Creator (Free)” accounts are not eligible to have GAME staked on them by supporters. Only “Partner (Paid)” accounts are able to have GAME staked on them by supporters to earn additional passive GAME income. The “paid” portion of the partner account refers only to the initial gas fees required by the smart contract upon signup as a creator.

Creator (Free)

Partner (Paid)

Step 1:

  • Ensure you have MetaMask installed.

  • Browse to

  • Click the green “Connect to MetaMask” button on the left hand panel.

  • Once connected, you should see your wallet address visible in the left hand pane as shown below.

Step 2:

  • Click “Get Started” which will pop out the Creator Signup window as shown below.

  • Fill in all fields. Creator name is your or your organization’s name. WebsiteI is a link to your website or external content. Referral link can be used if you have an exchange referral link or other link you want supporters to support you with (this field is optional). The description field is a description of you/your content. The creator icon is what will be visible in the list of games and partners on the rewards portal. The marketing image is a banner users will see when they click on your listing on the rewards portal. The partner type is described earlier in this document.

  • Once finished, click “Add Creator.” You will be prompted by MetaMask to complete the transaction. Once the transaction completes, the listing will be visible. Below is a completed listing showing Nova Blitz as an example.

  • You may notice the “Featured Collectibles” field under the listing. This is where creator specific NFTs will be displayed on your creator page. Check out our how-to on using the GAME Foundry to begin minting your own NFTs today! (Minting using the GAME Foundry)

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