Creating and Selling NFTs

Minting non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) with the GAME Foundry provides a variety of options to creators and allows them to mint NFTs without any gas fees on the MATIC blockchain. File types supported are JPEG, PNG, MP4, and GIF with a 50MB file size limit. Additionally, creators have the ability to include secondary “unlockable” content viewable only by the purchaser of the NFT.


  • Already signed up as a creator. (See setup documentation here)

  • The NFT properties you wish to mint, including the media file, description, and price.

Step 1: Navigate To The Creator Portal

  • Connect to the Creator portal at using the same wallet you signed up with.

  • In the left-hand panel click the “Creator Portal” button, click on your entity; then click “Collectibles.” You will see the “Create New Collectible” option presented.

Step 2: Fill In The Details For Your Creation

  • After clicking “Create New Collectible” the minting window is presented. Fill in all details for your NFT and click “Create.”

  • Standard NFTs: Standard NFTs allow creators to design and mint NFTs in a variety of aspect ratios and file types including JPEG, PNG, MP4, and GIF.

  • Gacha NFTs: Gacha type NFTs will come with a randomly assigned rarity level and a frame. The color of the frame changes with rarity. Gatcha NFTs are currently limited to still images in a square aspect ratio.

  • Unlockable Content: Unlockable content allows you to upload a separate file or piece of information that can be used and “unlocked” exclusively by the buyer.

Step 3: Review Your Creation And Make Edits

  • Return to the “Collectibles” section under your entity name and the newly created NFT will now be visible. From this page you are able to edit the properties of the NFT and view all currently created collectibles.

  • Please note: NFTs on the GAME Credits Platform are not minted until a sale takes place. In order to delist or hide an NFT from sale, please set the sale price to 0. This will not make the NFT free but will remove it from public visibility on your creator page.

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